my URL says "myyeolie", but he's not really mine...(T^T)
All of INFINITE takes up the top 7 on my overall bias list, but SUNGYEOL is my #1!!♥
Shipps: OT7 & Heungsoon/Jongbin!♥
Avid Fan of RUNNING MAN, dramas and Gag Concert!!XD

Favorite Drama: My Love From the Star!!!♥
Runner uppp: Answer Me 1997!
But let us see once I finish Angel Eyes...aha!

YT/twt: sarangnorae416


Happy Birthday to our Grandpa Gyu, our kyuzizi, our Loser Gyu, our Leader Gyu, and whatever other name you have…..♥ But most important of all, Happy Birthday to our Infinite’s Kim Sung Gyu! :)♥ Many years have passed, but still many more to go.  Us Inspirits will always be here to support you, and love you, and cheer you on from now until eternity, until infinity and beyond. :) We love you SungGyu!!^^♥  April 28, 2013

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